About Maura

Some coaches help their clients “find their why.”
Other coaches double as their clients’ “feel-good” cheerleader.

That’s not me.

My clients already know why they’re in business. I coach them to master their how.

With 25+ years’ experience working with all types of businesses – solopreneurs, co-founders, family businesses, and corporations – I go beyond the why-to and hone in on the how-to.

I’ve witnessed three common traits among busy owners who are scaling, pivoting, or transitioning their businesses:

  1. The areas they need to focus on are often the ones they ignore. I listen. I ask the questions you won’t and show you how to navigate tough conversations and relationships.
  2. Most owners are too close to their business to remain objective. I give you a fresh perspective and actionable plan to make the right changes for your business.
  3. Many owners are too busy working in their business to work on their business. I teach you how to pause and reflect, to get the results you want. Faster.

Measurable change starts when you discover the right habits.

It’s time for Relevant Habits.

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